Neal Architectural Group has been a successful small architectural firm for many years because of our proven project approach:  we believe that a project’s success is dependent on having a thorough and complete understanding of the project.  We spend the time it takes to fully understand each of the Owner’s unique goals and objectives, including vision, strategy, scope, budget, and time.  We believe that by fully understanding these items, we can accept them as if they were our own so that we can properly achieve the client’s expectations. 

We also believe in the team approach to design and planning – that is, relying on a team of skilled and experienced members, including representatives of the Owner, each bringing their own knowledge and ideas and visions to the table.  As planners, we have the knowledge and skill to successfully facilitate the process of exchanging ideas and discussions and then have the ability to transfer those ideas into accurate and complete Space Programs, Master Plans, and subsequent plans and elevations.  That way, it is not so much our plan, but the plan of all the expert team members.  Our expertise will not only help contribute to innovative and creative solutions, but will also help keep the team focused on the original goals of scope, budget, quality and time.

Our experience as project leaders will also help assure that every step the design team takes will be constructive and progressive.  Each plan the team develops will be tested for constructability and cost throughout the planning stages and will be continually compared to the original program goals.  We fully understand that changes to scope and quality have a direct affect on budget and time.  If scope changes, we will help assure that other aspects of the project are discussed to help keep the project within budget and on-time.  If budget changes, we will also know how to suggest proper scope adjustments.  All while keeping the vision, goals and objectives in mind.

We know that there will be presentations, Q&A times, board oversight, direction “adjustments”, etc…. Our 70 years of combined experience hasn’t passed without these types of challenges.  We know that you will be able to trust Neal Architectural Group to confidently stand beside you and help you present your project as a true member of the team.




After honing his architectural skills for 18 years with the US Army and several local architectural firms, Larry Neal, opened his own firm, Larry Neal / ARCHITECTS, in 1987, and has been in active business providing full planning, design, and architectural services to the Temple, Belton, and Salado areas since that time.  During the past 29 years, Larry has completed a wide range of services and projects in the area for multiple churches, including being involved in the recently completed Master Planning at St. Luke Catholic Church, and the recently completed new facility for Ralph Wilson Youth Club, as well as multiple facilities for BaylorScott & White Clinics, UMHB, including The Parker Center and the Paul and Jane Meyer Christian Studies Center, and McLane Advanced Technologies.

In 2005, Larry began his association with Canyon Creek Crossing, a development company, which has completed several successful new building developments in the Temple-Salado area and in College Station.  Larry’s role on all these projects has been planner, designer, and architect and he has worked on every aspect of the projects.  As principal of this firm, Larry is responsible for ensuring the projects meet all the client’s goals of scope, budget, quality, function, aesthetics, and time. 

Larry has developed a very personal, one-on-one approach to his design.  He clearly understands the affects that budget and time have on a project; and has been very successful in giving his clients innovative, functional designs that reflect the client’s image and that were completed on time and within budget.  His long list of local repeat clients, such as UMHB and The McLane Group, is a testament to his success with important clients and a testament to his integrity and trustworthiness.  And his long list of church planning projects shows that he is a fully capable church planner and designer. 

Larry is a true believer in listening to his clients – he is there to serve their needs.  As a building owner himself, he understands the importance of thorough planning and design and trying to maximize the functionality and usage of the building without compromising the project’s budget or quality.  Larry believes that one of the most important aspects contributing to a successful project is open communication between him, the Owner, and between all members of the design team. 

Larry has been very active in the local community his entire career, including Keep Temple Beautiful, Temple Chamber of Commerce, and the Temple Planning Commission. Because he has lived and practiced architecture in this area his entire life, he, more than most any other architect, understands the community values and lifestyles of this region and has had huge success transferring that knowledge into his architecture.



tim rafferty

For over 38 years, Tim Rafferty has been successfully providing planning, design, and architectural services to his clients.  During that time, Tim has had a very broad range of responsibilities, opportunities, and experiences that has shaped him into a very learned and capable planner and designer.  He has successfully planned and designed projects ranging from small offices to $150M hospitals.  For 14 of the 38 years, Tim was also in the position of being the “Owner” with architects serving his projects.  And for 3 additional years, Tim worked for a major national healthcare Design/Build Company. These experiences have given Tim the unique ability to understand projects from “all sides of the desk”.  Because of this, he understands first-hand the complexities of planning a project from the User’s and contractor’s standpoint. This has given him a unique outlook on many things other architects tend to overlook or not understand.  This empathy has allowed Tim to forge relationships with other Owners and truly become part of their team.

Tim believes that the success of any project begins with a comprehensive and well thought-out plan, with well-defined and achievable goals and expectations.  This gives the project a well-grounded “blueprint” and gives all the subsequent decisions a foundation to follow.  While at Scott & White, Tim was a core-member of the Master Facility Planning Team that laid out the foundation for all of their recent building needs and plans.  Tim has also been a part of many other planning teams that have looked at new facilities, replacement facilities, renovation projects and full, comprehensive multi-year Master Plans.  Recently, Tim was responsible for leading the Master Planning and design of St. Luke Catholic Church and the new Ralph Wilson Youth Club.

Tim also understands that planning is not just about what spaces will go into a building and how big that space needs to be, but it is about truly understanding the planned USE of each space and then thinking about how best to design and size and locate that space.  Tim knows what questions to ask and asks them until the whole team is very comfortable that the space was thoroughly planned.  Being a former “Owner”, Tim also understands how design decisions can affect facilities for years in operational and maintenance costs.  Further, he believes that the design of a building should not stop at occupancy, but should allow for flexibility and growth for many years after.

Finally, Tim believes that any building he helps plan and design is the Owner’s building; his most important task is to help the Owner achieve all of their goals and expectations from how the building looks to how it functions to how it operates to how much it costs, and not a building design that was ever compromised by a pre-conceived or hasty design.




After graduating from Texas Tech University with a Masters in Architecture in 2003, Kelly began her career at HKS in Dallas.  She started in the design group working on projects that ranged from small medical office buildings to massive casinos. She focused in on hospitality and commercial projects where she gained experience in all phases of planning, design, production and project management. Ultimately, she became a Project Architect for the Higher Education group at HKS. Her broad range of projects while at HKS encompassed entertainment, corporate, commercial, hospitality, education, medical and residential type projects. While at HKS, Kelly was on the team that implemented Revit into the firm and she assisted teaching others the program. She also assisted in a research project that was published for the Charles Pankow Foundation called ‘Building Modeling for Precast Concrete’ and it was published in the 2007 Annual Report to the President of the United States.

After nearly 7 years in Dallas, Kelly and her family moved to San Antonio where she took a job with the federal government as an architect and project manager for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Kelly honed her skills in the healthcare field where she helped manage over one million square feet of buildings. After 3 years in San Antonio she moved back to Temple, where she grew up, and continued to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Temple for 4 more years. Projects she worked on ranged from a Surgery Suite Addition that included 5 new operating rooms to the renovation of the old emergency department into a new 14 station blood draw lab to renovating old warehouse space to administrative office space. She truly sharpened her skills as a programmer and planner with the dozens of restructuring projects that she handled over her years at the VA.

Kelly believes that to have a successful project you need a full team approach, from the owner to the users of the space to the cleaning crew; it is important to understand how all involved utilize the space. Not only do you need to know what the purpose of the space is but you need to know how the users will use the space. She has a very hands on approach to her design process.

Since returning to Temple in 2013 Kelly has become very involved in community. She is a member of Rotary Club of Temple – Rotary After Work (RAW); a board member and treasurer of the Temple Parks Foundation; 254 Downtown Temple committee and it’s subcommittee Programming, Events and Publicity; Thornton Elementary PTO; Treasurer of Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Group of Bell County; Member of Grace Presbyterian Church; Aided with projects at Feed My Sheep and other volunteer opportunities as they arise.



Megan joined Neal Architectural Group in 2015, shortly after graduating from Texas Tech University with her Bachelor of Science in Architecture. During her time at Neal Architectural Group she has been involved in architectural projects ranging in size from small office build-outs to large industrial buildings. Her favorite part of the business is getting to know her clients and meeting new people. She has plans to attend a two-year program to obtain her Master's degree in Architecture in the future. Megan's education continues as she works to complete the Intern Development Program and Architectural Registration Exam in pursuit of becoming a licensed architect. She is involved in several community programs including Temple JAYCEES. When she's not in the office she enjoys spending time with her husband. She also loves to play fetch with her corgi and to create watercolor paintings.





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